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Robin H. Jones

Production - Show Editor https://youtu.be/jyLL19vi3wQ

Abigail Rumble

Production Manager A perfectionist at heart, Abi commands the room by charming us all into submission. Although she keeps saying no, Abi would be as good...

Jake Oneill

Journalist – Presenter Have you ever met someone who just breezes in the room like a model on a cat walk. Jake Oneill is also a...

Jack Rea

Journalist – Presenter Jack is a little bit of a mystery man, we could go as far as to say he has a definite 007...

Lucia Brienza

Journalist – Presenter Everything about Lucia is warm and engaging, she is curious about people, their lives, what makes them tick.  A Journalist interested in everything...

Cristian Saavedra

Journalist - Producer A Chilean born journalist, producer and musician.  Cristian really moves to his own drum-beat, he has an attraction to the kind of...

Niamh Colclough

Anchor – Journalist The room is never quiet when Niamh is in it.  She is gregarious, outspoken, has the heart of a lioness but also...

Mo Jannah

Anchor – Producer A modern day Jango, Mo is as deep as the ocean, has an air of mystery about him, with a passion for...

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